People of Nature

In this episode, Dr. Mehreen Khaleel talks about her doctoral work on Himalayan Grey Langoor, moving from core ecological studies to applied conservation, and participatory conservation model she is implementing in Jammu and Kashmir.

Made infamous due to war, terrorism, & conflict history, the landscape of Jammu & Kashmir is a heaven for wildlife and forests. Mehreen realized that the people of Kashmir need to be made aware of the natural heritage they possess.

After completing her doctoral studies, she founded a NGO and dedicated her time to meeting and talking to locals, and creating awareness regarding wildlife conservation in the area.

Let us hear her story!

Dr. Kalloli Dutta talks about her diversity of experience working in corporate as well as NGO domains.

Kalloli feels that conservation begins when people realize the value of it and participate in it wholeheartedly.

Kalloli believes in conservation optimism and how the several communities she has worked with believed in it!

Let us hear her story!

Deepika talks about her experience working with communities in the Northeast India

Deepika’s homecoming itself is a story worth hearing!

Deepika has solid trust in people-driven conservation and power of media.

Let us hear her story!

Vidhi talks about her experience working at the arid landscape of Kutch Gujarat.

She narrates her journey as a no-one in wildlife into falling in love with birds during her masters that propelled her interest in working on them.

She expresses concerns over linear infrastructure and power lines in affecting birds!

Let us hear her story!

Adyasha talks about her experience working with the communities in the Kaziranga landscape.

Her experiences laid the groundwork for her vision of collaborative management, where conservation and community thrive hand in hand.

She also touches on the sensitive topic of the LGBTQ+ community in conservation and challenges they face.

Let us hear her story!

Dr. Meena Venkataraman is a top voice in the Asiatic Lion research and conservation.

She shares many stories of India’s wildlife experience and progress of conservation at the same time addressing the challenges she faced as a woman scientist.

Dr. Meena narrate how the conservation field has grown with new tools and gadgets available today and how we shall best use them!

Let us hear her story!

For E07, Listen to Arunima, a Fire Brand bringing together women in forest fire fighting!

Arunima talks about her varied experiences working with Women of Garhwal Himalayas and how they are taking lead in forest conservation.

Arunima shares some secrets of the community and underlines the role of gender in conservation!

Let us hear her story!

For E08, Listen to Divya, a highly motivated lady conservator bringing together her staff for research and documentation of lesser know fauna!

Divya talks about her childhood dream of being with forests, and her new found love on insect research. She also shares about her work at Melghat Tiger Reserve.

Divya shares her findings from the tiger country and highlight that other wildlife is equally important as tigers in a tiger reserve!

Let us hear her story!

For E09, Listen to Debangini, an interdisciplinary ecologist working as a Senior Outreach Coordinator, Marine Flagship project of Dakshin Foundation and pursuing her Ph.D. on human perception of owls with MIT-WPU Pune!

Debangini talks about her varied experience working with various stakeholders and challenges she faced as a woman in conservation.

Deba shares how interest in wildlife developed and she talks about the most fascinating work on urban owls she is doing!

Let us hear her story!

For E10, Listen to Dr. Ishtiyak, Assistant Professor cum Scientist, and Principal Investigator cum Project Lead of “Centre of Excellence on Herbal Technology” at Faculty of Forestry, SKUAST Kashmir.

Dr. Ishtiyak talks about his journey as a researcher and describes the status of the Himalayan flora and medicinal plants. He expresses concerns over threats to the Himalayan ecosystems.

Dr. Ishtiyak is positive about community-led conservation. Through his work and words, he demonstrates how that is happening in the remote areas of Kashmir.

Let us hear his story!

In EP11, Sneha talks about her work on rejuvenating Bhukhi Stream of Vadodara along with several undergrad students. She talks about the power the youth possess in changing the world!

Currently pursuing her Ph.D. from ATREE, Bengaluru, Sneha is actively working on river conservation using multimodal studies.

She discusses challenges she faced as a post graduate student working on stream conservation, and further discusses what we need today for clean and ecologically balanced rivers!

Let us hear her story!

In this episode, Sobiya talks about her journey as a women researcher and conservationist coming from a conflict prone area which is still considered conserved for women.

Presently, Sobiya is working as a PhD scholar with the Transdisciplinary University (TDU), Bangalore

Sobiya, being a part of several international and national organizations working in the Kashmir Himalayas has led various awareness sessions and has been instrumental in developing city biodiversity index.

Let us hear her story!

In EP13, Sneha talks about the amazing world of the freshwater turtles and tortoises of India. She talks about her interest and journey as a turtle conservatonist.

Sneha has founded the Freshwater Turtles & Tortoises Foundation (FTTF) India as an extension of her research to support turtle conservation.

As a PhD student with University of Georgia, USA, she works on the phylogeography of India’s only endemic softshell turtle, the Leith’s Softshell Turtle, and infectious diseases of freshwater turtles in India.

Let us hear her story!

Prachi talks about the mesmerizing underwater marine world and share her experiences on working with marine fauna

Leading the way for women marine biologists, Prachi expresses her concerns over the marine pollution and degradation.

Working as a PhD Scholar with WII, Prachi shares glimpses of her work on habitat of Dugong in Gulf of Kutch!

Listen her story!